Guys With Glasses…

•March 11, 2011 • 2 Comments

Guys with glasses are most definitely the most adorable thing that I have ever, or will ever see in my life. I mean, Really, look at this guy!

Girls, really, just look at these guys! I got these pictures from guyswithglasses.Blogspot. You have got to check out this blog, it has a ton of adorable boys in glasses! I am so glad that glasses are in style right now! This is definitely a fashion trend that needs to never die!


Who Did Alice Better?

•March 8, 2011 • 2 Comments

I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but I LOVE Alice in Wonderland.;] Tell me what you think!

Karl Langfeld

Alodra Alic

Big, Trendy, Cute Rings.

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I absolutely adore rings! I wear one or two most every day. The new trend in rings is the bigger the better. I will use any excuse to wear any type of ring, so I can’t complain! I am so glad that this is the trend right now, because I love these big jewels. The first ring is made by Full Tilt. It sells for a mere 3.99, which means that it is extremely affordable. The second picture is of a ring made by Taylor Gifts, and is beautiful!! It is selling for 17.99!


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I have a HUGE thing for cardigans! Aren’t they just so cute?!? Especially when guys wear them, thats all I’m saying ;]. I think that cardigans are the perfect accessory for almost any outfit, and definitely wish that I had more in my closet!

Natalie Portman, Pregnant!

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I love how absolutely adorable Natalie Portman always looks in her little dresses on the red carpet! I think that it is adorable to see pregnant women in beautiful dresses!

She is forever a beauty, and a role model! She is absolutely RAVISHING!

Prom 2011

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As high school girls, we all know that Prom is rapidly approaching. We also all know that there will be new trends of formal wear, and they will be flashier and brighter than last years. This dress combines two different patterns, and two different textures. I love the combination of the two colors, and the different colors. You can find this dress at, for 358.00.


I love the sweetheart neckline on this dress! I love the sparkles at the nackline, and the high slit with the white fabric spilling out. This dress is elegant and exquisite. You can find this dress at, for 135.0.

Glee’s Lea Michele and Cory Monteith

•February 25, 2011 • 2 Comments

I like this video, not because I watch Glee, but because I love the clothes that Lea Michele is wearing in this video! The red polka dot dress that she is wearing is so unbelievably adorable! There is also the insignificant fact that Cory Monteith is adorable!!;] I love the beach setting that the video was taken at. I love the part where they have Lea Michele in a hammock, and Cory Monteith is sitting on the ground next to the hammock with a guitar.