Wedding Dresses

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There seems to be a massive amount of weddings going on these days, or am I just imagining it? Maybe it has to do with people grasping at the idea of happiness while the world is rapidly declining? Anyways, it at least gives us pretty things to look at at! I love this dress from Disney Bridal, and it is themed after Belle from the disney movie “Beauty and the Beast”. I adore this dress so much!


Punk Girl Style

•May 2, 2011 • 1 Comment

In fashion lately we have seen a lot of girls go for the look of being “indie”pendant, and unique. So many girls are trying to be seen and recognized, and as a result, we see a lot of girls “going punk”. They try to highlight themselves by dying their hair neon colors, wearing neon skinny jeans, and innordinant amounts of eyeliner. Being “emo” (short for hardcore emotional or simply emotional) is a trend that I am sure will be a fleeting thing.


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On his blog, the Satroialist featured two pictures of one of his fellow bloggers, praising her for pulling off a great look even though he described her as “curvier” and a “sturdy” woman. All over his blog, there were huge waves. Women were getting extremely offended over a silly play on words, when he clearly meant well. His fans were very upset, but his words were very sincere. I think that he only meant well, and that people should realize that he had the best intentions.

Here is a link the Satorialist website, check it out, he is amazing!

Indie Girl

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To me, there is nothing better than indie girl style! I just love the spontinaity! Cute dresses paired with tights, cardigans, and headbands! These pictures represent indie girl style because of the short dress and tights combos, the hairstyles, the lighting and settings of the pictures, and the headbands featured.


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I chose this dress with a lavendar color, black thights, and a white background as a base for a whole other outfit. I found this cute purple tie dye dress that recreates the different shades of purple in the dress above. I paired that with black skinny jeans, and a white waist belt to complete the outfit.

New Inspiration!

•March 29, 2011 • 1 Comment

I found this dress, and fell in love! There will be some changes made to my garment, and i definitely think that this will be a lot better than the last one! Well this will be the second time I have scrapped my work to start over!

One For One, TOMS are the New Black!

•March 22, 2011 • 2 Comments

  For every pair of TOMS you purchase, one pair will be donated to a child in need, hence the slogan One For One. The TOMS organization was started by Blake Mycoskie, a traveler who befriended children in Argentina, and saw that they had no shoes to wear. Due to the fact that they had no shoes to wear, they were getting infections in cuts in their feet, and getting sick. Mr. Mycoskie started TOMS with the simple idea to help people in need, having no idea what an impact his company would have on the world.

As of September 2010, TOMS has donated over a million shoes. That is one million children around the world, who now have shoes on their feet and smiles on their faces.

Thank you for making a difference, Blake Mycoskie. You are truly a hero.